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Senja Aurora Adventure

Experience the historic fishing village Torsken

Torsken is perfectly located on the outside of Senja island. The steep mountains plunging deep into the ocean are breathtaking sights and the most prominent feature of Senja. The roads are narrow, twists and turns along fjords with crystal clear, icy-cold waters. Dramatic landscape on a road which is occasionally quite narrow and winding - With these settings explore the possibilities Senja has to offer.

The fishing village Torsken is a historic village that has had fishing as its most important industry.
Directly above the fishing village is a rock formation that previously looked a bit like a cod with a head and reel. According to tradition, this mountain is the origin of the name of the village.
This formation has now collapsed, but you can still see parts of the formation.

The fish-rich fjord of the same name has always provided work and food for the people here and has attracted many fishermen to the place. On-site we now find fish farming (salmon and trout), a salmon processing plant, a fish farm and a styrofoam box factory.

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Price list and information

Full week (5 day activities):
Price from NOK 24 900,- per person

Half week (3 day activities):
Price from NOK 14 900,- per person

The price depends on group size and time of season.


Dates: Upon request

Included in the price

7 or 4 Days
All meals
Spa facilities
Aurora guide
Day activity
Pick-up at airport
Transport to activities

  Not included
Flights to/from Bardufoss | Alcoholic drinks | Soda drinks | Snacks

Dog sledding
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This is a standard program, we can adapt all programs
according to your wishes and preferences.

Day 1

Pick up at the airport - drive to Torsken
northern light watching

Day 2-6
Breakfast - day activity - spa
dinner - 
northern light watching

Day 7

Breakfast - check out
drive back to the airport

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Our Accommodation

Torsken Brygge, an old pier from the 30's that has been recently renovated and rebuilt with double rooms in hotel standard. There is also a common room with a view of the fjord and a kitchenette. 5 minutes walk to the restaurant.
In the heart of Torsken, you will find Torsken Brygge by the sea. On the second floor, there are 5 double rooms, and on the first, there are 2 double rooms, which were built in 2021. Living room in front with a large window overlooking the fjord. The perfect place to enjoy the evenings after long days in the mountains.

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The Restaurant

The restaurant, and the social heart of Torsken, has been newly restored with fantastic views over the fjord. Here, food is served based on local ingredients of first-class quality - which gives the term " short-haul food " a new face.
The seafood products are of course available from our own processing factories in the neighbourhood.

Let our chef Ricardo Santos and his brigade take you on an international tasting experience based on the riches of the sea.

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Travel information

We pick you up at Tromsø or Bardufoss airport.
There are daily departures with SAS, Norwegian and Flyr from Oslo airport.

There are also several direct flights to Tromsø from various destinations in Europe. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your arrival.

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