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Senja & Tromsø, Norway

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About Legendary Adventure

Legendary Adventure AS was created in 2018 as a company to complement the offerings in our sister company Legendary Lodge Senja AS.

Throughout our time as an activity company and Lodge, we have seen the joy of what we are doing and wanted to expand our business.

We put our guests first and always want to give them the best experience that can be offered.

We believe we are among the best in the class to provide northern-Norwegian experiences at a high level and we are working hard to be the best.

We want to appear as a professional company all the way, from the first time you contact us, and until you leave home after spending your adventure with us.

Safety comes first! All our guides have education in their field and are trained on all dangers and factors that may arise. We are constantly working to keep this at a high level to ensure that your safety is taken care of.

Simply, we want to give you real experiences that give memories for life, that's what we call legendary adventures!


"Don't let your dream just be dreams".



Get to Know Us


IFMGA guide from Switzerland.


Ski touring guide and rock climbing guide, NF-certified instructor within avalanche and rock climbing. Educated DNT tourleader summer and winter. Norwegian People's aid avalanche rescuer. Norwegian People's aid mountain safty winter, avalanche rescue, first aid and medical treatment courses.


Ski touring guide, NF-certified instructor within avalanche. Educated DNT instructor and DNT tourleader summer and winter.


Ski touring guide, rock climbing guide, NF-certified instructor within avalanche and rock climbing.