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Tromsø sightseeing

Get closer to the city

Tromsø is often called "Paris of the North" and "The Gateway to the Arctic Ocean". The names have their origins in the city's international history as a trading city and say something about the importance Tromsø has had for fishing, hunting, research and expeditions in the Arctic.

The tour starts at the port terminal in Tromsø City Center, this is the perfect starting point for the tour,
here we get to know each other and adapt the bike to make the tour as comfortable as possible.

We start the day with a round in the centre before we move on to some of the sights in Tromsø.
When we have experienced a bit of the city, it is time to take the tour further towards Kvaløya and Bryggejentene which is located in Ersfjordbotn, a beautiful little place outside Tromsø.
Here we eat lunch and enjoy a good cup of coffee before we bike back to Tromsø.

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Price list and information

Price per person:
NOK 2 200,-


Skill level:
E-biking is suitable for everyone, regardless of level.
Age: From 13+


More info about the bikes we use

Dates for 2022: Upon request

Minimum number of guests: 2

Maximum number of guests: 10

Included in the price?

4-5 hours
Bike guide
E-Bike rental


Meet up


Start biking
Tromsø sightseeing - Ersfjordbotn

Arrival Bryggejentene


Back in Tromsø

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