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Lyngen Aurora Adventure

Experience the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a light phenomenon that occurs when energy-rich particles are thrown from the Sun
towards the Earth. It occurs in the upper polar atmosphere, between 80 kilometres and rarely over 500 kilometres above the earth's surface, when electrons and protons collide with the atmospheric gas. This gas is supplied with energy which is then emitted again in the form of light. The light emission itself comes mainly from atoms and molecules in the atmosphere and not from the primary particles themselves.

The Northern Lights appear in many different forms. The colours of the Northern Lights are a line spectrum that covers the entire range from ultraviolet to infrared. The colours of which an occurrence of northern lights consists are determined by the energy level in the particles and the composition of the atmospheric gas. The dominant colours in the part of the colour spectrum we can see are green, red and blue. The occurrence and intensity of the Northern Lights, in turn, are governed by activity on the Sun. The Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere determine where on Earth the Northern Lights occur.

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Price list and information

Full week (6 day activities):
Price from NOK 24 900,- per person

Half a week (3 day activities):
Price from NOK 14 900,- per person


Dates for: Upon request

Included in the price

7 or 4 Days
All meals
Coffee and tea
Aurora guide
Day activity
Pick-up at airport
Transport to activities

  Not included
Flights to/from Tromsø | Alcoholic drinks | Soda drinks | Snacks

Dog sledding
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This is a standard program, we can adapt all programs
according to your wishes and preferences.

Day 1

Pick up at the airport - drive to the lodge
northern light watching

Day 2-7
Breakfast - day activity - dinner

northern light watching

Day 8

Breakfast - check out
drive back to the airport

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Our accommodation

Our home for the week is the beautiful farmhouse Gamtunet which is located at Svendsby in the middle of Lyngen. Gamtunet is an old house that has preserved its style back to when it was built. In recent years it has been built on a newer part with a nice modern kitchen, two bedrooms and a large bathroom. Gamtunet is the perfect starting point for outdoor activities related to the fjord, in the forest or into the mountains and you can choose if you prefer flat terrain or steep alps. At this location, it's easy to find peace and enjoy the evening with good food after long days in the mountains.

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Gamtunet (3)-min.jpg
Gamtunet (9)-min.jpg
Gamtunet (5)-min.jpg

Travel information

We pick you up at Tromsø airport.
There are daily departures with SAS, Norwegian and Flyr from Oslo airport.

There are also several direct flights to Tromsø from various destinations in Europe. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your arrival.

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