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These terms and conditions apply when you book a tour or activity with Legendary Adventure.
By accessing, browsing, using and/or booking a tour or activity with us, you acknowledge to have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.

Your contract partner is Legendary Adventure AS. The contract is considered as binding when you ask Legendary Adventure to confirm your booking. Legendary Adventure AS is then responsible for delivering the products you have booked, while you become financially responsible for the booking.



Bookings may be made via our website, by e-mail, phone or via a third party where our products are bookable (e.g. hotel reception, travel agents or a third-party website, etc.).

By making a booking, you confirm that you have the authority to accept financial responsibility on behalf of yourself and any travelling companions, i.e. you accept liability for paying the agreed amount to Legendary Adventure for all members of the group for which you are booking.

When booking on behalf of several participants, you are responsible for communicating the terms and conditions to the other participants. You must be at least 18 years of age to make a booking.


Day tours
When booking a day trip or activity, the full amount will be charged upon booking.


Multi-day Tours / Packages
If the booking is made more than 90 days before the starting date, you will be charged a deposit of 10% of the total cost of activity/package. The remaining amount must be paid no later than 60 days before the starting date event.

If the booking is made fewer than 90 days before the starting date, you will be invoiced for the full amount, with a due date of 60 days before the starting date of the event.

If the agreed amount is not paid by the due date, Legendary Adventure reserves the right to
cancel your booking, retain any deposit paid and claim a cancellation fee in accordance with the terms of cancellation stipulated in point 3 below.

All bookings with a total amount of less than NOK 10 000 will be invoiced upon booking,
with a due date of 14 days.

For special promotions, the total amount will be due at the time of booking.



Any cancellations/changes must be made in writing. The date and time of cancellation is the date and time on which you send your e-mail to us.

Cancellation by the customer – Day tours

  • Cancellation 7 or more days prior to departure: You will receive a full refund.

  • Cancellation 3 days to 6 days prior to departure: You will receive a 50% refund.

  • Cancellation less than 2 days (48 hours) prior to departure: You will be charged 100% of the amount and will not receive any refund.

Cancellation by the customer – Multi-day tours / Packages

  • Cancellation 90 or more days prior to departure: You will receive a 90% refund.

  • Cancellation 30 days to 89 days prior to departure: You will receive a 50% refund.

  • Cancellation less than 29 days prior to departure: You will be charged 100% of the amount and will not receive any refund.

No refunds will be given if you fail to arrive at the agreed time and place. This also applies if you arrive too late without advising us and gaining acceptance for the delay. The full amount (100%) applies for all “no-shows”.


Reduction in the number of participants
If you have booked an activity/tour on behalf of your travelling companions where the price is based on the size of the group, please contact us immediately if you need to reduce the number of participants. We will assess if there are grounds to increase the price for the activity/tour you will participate in and possibly provide a new quote.


Cancellation and changes made by us
We reserve the right to cancel and make changes to our tours and activities due to circumstances beyond our control. If such cancellation or change becomes necessary, we are obliged to notify you as soon as possible.


In such cases, we will do our best to offer an alternative tour/activity in the same period and as like the original tour/activity as possible. In such cases, you will be charged for the tour/activity provided. If we are unable to offer an alternative tour/activity, you will be refunded the amount paid.

Examples of circumstances for such cancellations or changes may include:

  • Insufficient participants
    Most of our tours require a minimum number of participants. If this minimum is not met, we reserve the right to cancel the tour. You will then have the option of being rebooked on an alternative date or receiving a full refund of the amount paid.


  • Adverse weather and conditions
    We reserve the right to change any trip with your safety in mind. Please note that in Northern Norway the weather (and hence the conditions) can change rapidly.
    If this occurs, we will make every effort to provide a similar alternative.


  • Illness, injury, etc. to the guide/tour leader
    In the event that a guide or tour leaders is ill/injured, we will do our best to find a suitable replacement with equivalent competence. If we are unable to implement that tour/activity as planned due to the illness/injury of the guide/tour leader, you will be refunded the amount paid.


  • Force majeure from our side
    Circumstances over which we (or our partners) have no control, e.g. weather conditions, breakdowns, labour disputes and the equivalent (Force Majeure) may result in cancellation or major amendments. In the case of a Force Majeure, we will contact you as soon as possible with the offer of an alternative trip, or in the more severe cases, we may have to cancel your trip. Most cancellation insurance policies do cover Force Majeure. If your trip is cancelled due to a force majeure, please contact your insurance company to ask them if they will compensate you.


  • Force majeure from your side
    If you have a Force Majeure section in your policy, you will generally be covered for the sudden and unforeseen occurrence of war, invasion, military rising, rebellion, climatic conditions and the act of nature, all of which must happen for the first time after the date you bought your policy. Most travel insurance policies will only allow you to cancel your trip for a limited number of reasons, such as your death, injury or illness or that of a close relative or travelling companion.

You are obliged to familiarise yourself with the terms of sale for each activity and to convey this information to other participants you have booked on behalf of.


Obligation to inform us about your health and fitness level
You are obliged to ensure that your health and fitness level is suitable for the activity you have booked. Every participant must inform us/the guide/tour leader of medical conditions, illnesses or disorders that may be of relevance for their safety or the safety of others during the tour/activity.


Obligation to comply with the instructions given by the guide/tour leader
The guide/tour leader is responsible for the overall safety of the group during the tour/activity. To ensure this is possible, every participant is obliged to follow any instructions given by us and/or the guide/tour leader.



All outdoor activities, such as those we offer, carry inherent risks. We attach major importance to minimising the risk of accidents and injuries by using guides with the highest possible relevant qualifications and through proper planning of our tours/activities. All guides shall always comply with the company’s safety instructions.

By participating in our tours/activities, you acknowledge a degree of personal risk. However, by booking the tour/activity, you accept this risk.

We do not assume any financial liability for injury caused by the participants, their actions or by circumstances outside our control (force majeure) unless the accident is due to gross negligence by us/the guide.


Personal travel insurance is not included in the price of our tours/activities.

Travel insurance and cancellation insurance
Please note that cancellation cover or individual travel insurance is not included in our prices. Consequently, we strongly recommend that as a participant you take out the necessary personal travel accident insurance and check that this covers your chosen tour/activity.


Moreover, we recommend that you check if your travel insurance policy includes cancellation protection that covers your expenses, if something goes wrong, or if you are prevented by force majeure and you are unable to participate in the tour/activity as planned.

Loss of equipment
You are liable for self-indemnified loss of or damage to equipment borrowed from Legendary Adventure.

Liability insurance
We have liability insurance that covers claims for damages against us in the event of an accident.

If you believe you have grounds for complaint about the tour/activity, you must advise us, the guide or tour operator immediately so we can attempt to resolve the problem. We will do our best to resolve the problem. However, if the problem cannot be resolved on the spot, you can submit a written complaint. Any written complaint must be sent to us no later than 14 after the tour/activity ended unless special reasons exist that make it reasonable to extend this deadline.

Legendary Adventure AS makes reservations against any misprints in our price lists and brochures, as well as information published on our website.


Any disputes that arise between the parties to this agreement or on other grounds will be settled in accordance with Norwegian law. If such disputes may not be resolved amicably, the judicial district of the company’s property will be the legal venue. You hereby accept the Nord-Troms District Court as the legal venue.

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