Skiing with guide

Hire a professional ski guide

​Tromsø, Kvaløya, Senja, Lyngen, Narvik and Lofoten

There are many good reasons to go skiing with a guide. Maybe you are good at skiing, but lack knowledge about avalanche danger?
Or maybe you have a lot of knowledge about skiing and mountains, but lack knowledge of the local area?
A guide ensures your safety in the mountains and helps you find a mountain with good snow conditions, which suits your skiing level.


If you need a guide, please contact us for information on what we can offer you.
We only use guides with NF 
(https://fjellsportforum.no/) or IFMGA (http://www.ivbv.info/en/ifmga/about-us.html) certification.

We work with guides in most of northern Norway, and can therefore offer you a guide with local knowledge of the area you want to visit.

All our guides are experienced and have a lot of knowledge about travelling safely in the mountains.
At the same time, it is a priority for us to choose guides who are pleasant and attentive. When you rent a guide from us,
your safety on the trip is taken care of, and we guarantee that our guide will also be a pleasant company on the trip.