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Midnight Sun
e-bike tour

Experience Tromsø like never before with our exclusive evening midnight sun e-bike tour.


Bask in the glorious midnight sun while riding through the beautiful city of Tromsø
with our experienced guides.

Great sights and hidden gems.

With the sun shining in the west above Kvaløya, the evening midnight sun in Tromsø create a magical atmosphere that simply must be experienced. Our tour takes you to several great sights in the city, as well as hidden gems that only locals know about.


A wonderland of colours.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness the stunning views of Tromsø from a unique perspective, as the city transforms into a wonderland of colours during the evening. With our carefully planned route, you'll experience Tromsø's beauty in a way that's not possible during the day.


Safe and enjoyable.

Our tour is perfect for those seeking adventure and excitement, as well as those who simply want to relax and enjoy the beauty of Tromsø. Whether you're an avid cyclist or just starting out, our experienced guides will ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.


So why wait? Book your spot on our exclusive evening e-bike tour today and experience Tromsø
in a way, you'll never forget!

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Price list and information

Price per person:
NOK 1 5

Skill level:
E-biking is suitable for everyone, regardless of level.
Age: From 12+


More info about the bikes we use


Included in the price?

3 hours
Bike guide
E-Bike rental


Chose your time and date when you book.
Offered daily at 19:00.

Meet up outside Clarion Hotel The Edge.

We take you to several sights in Tromsø
and around the island.
Approx 3
-hour bike tour.

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If you want to experience Tromsø as a local, this tour is a can’t miss experience. Our family of 5 riders ranged in age from 13 to 66. We have biked together before on city tours throughout the U.S. Everyone rated this one a favorite! First, the e-bikes were top-of-the-line and our guide, Espen, took the time to show us how to use them properly. He had us practice before beginning the rise. We appreciated his patience and focus on safety. We travelled along the shoreline and through local parks. We were lucky to see groups of families together celebrating Midsommar with bonfires on the beach. It was so special to see this annual event. Our journey continued through the more wooded areas of Tromsø and we all appreciated the e-bikes on some of the tougher hills. We saw many local areas and sites that showcased Tromsø as a great location as a place to live or for travel. Espen was a wonderful guide for this tour! As a native son of Tromsø, his love for his community was evident at every stop. If you are looking for a fun ride exploring the city of Tromsø with a friendly and knowledgeable guide, this is it!

Jill Bue, June 2023

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