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Midnight sun bike & sail

Exclusive island-hopping north of Tromsø.

Experience the legendary fishing villages outside Tromsø. 
The summer in northern Norway is short and sailing is therefore not as well developed as in warmer regions.
But on the days when summer is at its best, there is no place in the world that is better than being on a boat out in the open sea with the sun hanging on the horizon 24 hours a day.

When you combine this with e-bike rides and island hopping, we put together a package that very few have access to and that has never been sold before in and around Tromsø!
This trip will hit you deep in the soul and create memories for life, a real legendary adventure!


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Price list and information

​Price per person:
NOK 34 500,-

Skill level:
E-biking is suitable for everyone, regardless of level.
Age: From 13+

See the info and equipment list
More info about the bikes we use

Dates for 2023:
05.07.2023 - 08.07.2023

Minimum number of guests: 4

Maximum number of guests: 8

Price list

Included in the price

4 Days
All meals
Coffee and tea
Bike guide
E-Bike rental
Chartered boat

  Not included
Flights to/from Tromsø | Alcoholic drinks | Soda drinks | Snacks

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Day 1

Check-in - get to know the guide and crew -
bike tour - dinner

Day 2
Breakfast - bike tour - fishing - dinner

Day 3
Breakfast - bike tour - fishing - dinner

Day 4
Breakfast - bike tour back to Tromsø

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Day 1
The tour starts in Tromsø, we meet at Scandic Ishavshotell where
the sailboat is located. We check in our luggage, are assigned our own cabin, and have an info meeting.
You will be given your own electric bike and a pannier where you can place the necessary accessories on the tour.

When we are ready, we start cycling towards Oldervik. 
When we get there the boat is waiting for us and takes us to Vannvåg on Vannøya. From there we bike to the far end of the island to a place called Torsvåg, a fishing village with a long history. Here we spend the first night.

Day 2
We wake up far out in the open sea and the conditions are arranged to continue our island hopping. After we have eaten breakfast, we set the course for Hansnes on Ringvassøy.
From there we bike to Mikkelvik and further out on Rebbenesøya. When we reach the end of the road on the island, the boat is waiting for us.

When we board the boat we will go out to sea to try to fish our dinner and if we succeed we will make a lovely fish dinner.

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Day 3

We are now in the middle of a beautiful island paradise of lots of small islands and we get up for a good and long breakfast with a good coffee and enjoy the silence out in the ocean before we set course for Tromvika.
We go ashore and will bike the road on the outside of Kvaløya with the view of all the majestic mountain peaks that plunge into the sea.

Our destination for this day is beautiful Sommarøy.
We will pass several beautiful sights on the way, and this stage is really a great experience. When we arrive at Sommarøy, a lovely 3-course dinner awaits us at Sommarøy Arctic Hotel.

Day 4

The last day awaits us. and we will follow the inside of Kvaløya back to Tromsø where we started the tour.
If we are lucky, there will be an opportunity to see both reindeer and several farms with many different animals.
Eventually, we see Tromsø and the last part into the city gives us a good feeling of being back after an adventurous tour.


In Tromsø, the boat is waiting with the luggage and it will be time to summarize and share the impressions we have experienced along the way.

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The vessel

The "Arctic Eagle" is a 48ft Fontaine Pajot Catamaran that was built in 2008 and has all the necessary equipment to be comfortable on the trip.

The boat has a large lounge inside and a large sitting area outside on the deck. There is also a spacious kitchen with all the necessary equipment to cook good food.

Cabins: Below deck, there are 4 double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms and heating. All cabins have warm duvets with top-class linens and towels.

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