Cross Senja on skis

Senja from north to south

70 km with challenging terrain and beautiful scenery

Idyllic Senja is Norway's second-largest island (1569 km2) and is often described as «a Norway in miniature»
because most of Norway's varied nature is found here. Senja is located 69 degrees north
and is an eldorado for ski and outdoor enthusiasts looking for spectacular nature experiences.

North of Senja, along the coastline to the west, you will find rows of pearls of high-rise, majestic mountains.
Sharp peaks rise from narrow, deep fjords, against a backdrop of the open sea.
The rawness of Senja is special and should be experienced before the rest of the world really gets their eyes open for this paradise.

If you dream of a larger polar expedition, such as crossing Greenland on skis,
the trip from north to south on Senja can be useful as preparation.

Crossing Senja from north to south is a well-known summer route, but not many people choose to take this tour during the winter,
because the weather conditions can change quickly and because parts of the route go in terrain that is exposed to avalanches.
There is, therefore, a high probability that we will not meet anyone on the trip, which enhances the wilderness experience.

Our guides know the nature of Senja, and have knowledge of avalanches and weather conditions,
so that you can enjoy the trip and know that you are in safe hands.


This is a standard program that may have to be adjusted to the weather and snow conditions.

Day 1
Travel day.
We meet at Botnhamn, where we sleep the first night.
After a briefing from our guide about the crossing of Senja, we get dinner served. Accommodation in a double room.

Day 2
Bukkedalen - Senjabu (about 26 km).
We make dinner together and spend the night at Senjabu.
Accommodation in bunk beds.

Day 3
Senjabu - Ånderdalen national park (about 18 km).
This is a real expedition day.
We set up the camp in the area around Ånderdalen national park, and spend the night out in nature. The exact location depends on how far we come and weather conditions. Accommodation in tent camp.

Day 4
Ånderdalen national park - Frovåg at Senja Fjordhotell (about 26 km).
When we arrive at Frovåg we go direct to Senja Fjordhotell where our rooms are waiting for us, here we are served three-course dinner and the opportunity for sauna and a hot shower.
Accommodation in a double room.

Day 5
Travel day.
We check out from Senja Fjordhotell in the morning.
Transport to Finnsnes.

Price list and information

  • NOK 12 900,- per person

Included in the price:

  • Certified guide

  • Accommodation first night at Legendary Lodge Senja

  • Accommodation at Senjabu during the tour

  • Accommodation at Senja Fjordhotell the last night

  • Transport to and from Finnsnes or Lysnes before and after the tour

  • All food before, during and after the tour

  • Group equipment: Tent, stove and cooking equipment

Not included:

  • Flights to and from Tromsø or Bardufoss

  • Transport to and from Finnsnes or Lysnes

  • Alcoholic drinks

  • Snacks

  • Personal equipment and clothing

Difficulty level:
Contact us if you are unsure if this tour fits your level.


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  • Cross Senja on skis
    Cross Senja on skis
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